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Using the same App link I have used for over a year, I went to 8 ball multi-player and discovered my account to have been wiped out as well as my login information. I was taking time off from playing so that I could accrue enough money to play on the higher levels. I was saving the midnight free spins so that I might have a "Spin Party" with myself when I reached 100 collected spins. I am heartbroken, having gone to the site every half hour when I was home to collect my $25 and shortly after midnight to claim another free spin. It took a long time to build my bankroll to nearly $30,000 and 55 nights to build up my free spin total. Please help me get my previous account back? I played with a generic compilation avatar offered by Mini-Clip under the username, jkryanspark. I was a level 68 player. I was winning at 59.1%. My tournament numbers were 401 wins in 1600 tourneys- exactly. I had over 10,000 games played.
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contact miniclip support - https://miniclip.zendesk.com/home
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